• Kaba Ilco - Simplex Unican Pushbutton Lock 1011/1021B/1021M/1031/1041B

Kaba Ilco - Simplex Unican Combination Lock 1011/1021B/1021M/1031/1041B

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Product Description


No wiring, no software, no batteries, no computers, no key or cars. Easy to install, use and mantain

The 1000 family offers a tried and true way to protect your assets. The heavy-duty locks in this family are dependable, reliable, and flexible enough to fit any security need in airports, apartment buildings, college dorms, or manu- facturing plants. Choose from knobs, levers, exit devices, exit PIN code locks, and a variety of other model features in this diverse family of locks. Backed by three-year warranty


  • Single access code - one easy to manage code for all users
  • Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door
  • Factory-handed for left hand doors; easily field reversible
  • Small format interchangeable cores, large format removable cores

Locking Device Options:

Cylindrical : Cylindrical latch with 3-hour UL/ULC fire rating on "A" labeled doors

Operation Mode Options:

  • Single credential - access
  • Passage (select models) - Allows access without using the lock entry code. Feature activated from the inside with a thumbturn or key (included with allpassage feature models)
  • Lockout (select models) - Disables the lock from the inside so that the entry codes can not be used to gain access. Access is permitted using the key override only

Certification and Standards:

  • Highly weather resistant
  • 3-hour UL/ULC fire rating for "A" label doors
  • Kaba Simplex 1011: Combination Entry Only
  • Kaba Simplex 1021B: Entry and Best IC Key Override (Sold Separate)
  • Kaba Simplex 1021B: Entry and Best IC Key Override (Sold Separate)
  • Kaba Simplex 1021M: Entry and Medeco/ASSA/Yale/Abloy (5 or 6-pin length); core Sold Separate
  • Kaba Simplex 1031: Combination Entry with Passage
  • Kaba Simplex 1041B: Entry and Best IC Key Override (Sold Separate) with Passage. Fire Rating: 3-Hour UL/ULC fire rating for "A" label Doors. 5" minimum stile requirement

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