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Security Camera Installation


View your security cameras from any computer network, internet or from your cell phone - digital storage of all images taken by the cameras.

A while back, thinking about a closed circuit television (CCTV) to monitor security cameras and surveillance (either analog or IP cameras), was not for everyone, because of its high cost.

Today it is possible to have control of our own security cameras at very low prices, even if not physically present in the place, checking surveillance cameras from almost any computer that has internet (PC, Mac, Iphone, Android, tablets).


  • Significantly reduce the chances of theft by installing security cameras.
  • Record 24 hours, 365 days a year what happens in your home, business or company with surveillance cameras. 
  • Record on certain days and times or when the security camera captures some motion. 
  • Monitor cameras from the place where they are installed, from home through the Internet or from your cell phone. No matter where you are physically, you can always view your security cameras in real time remotely. 
  • Do you distrust of an employee? Watch him and record his movements 24 hours a day with a simple CCTV system. 
  • Do you suspect that your employees do not work in your absence? Be there 24 hour with the surveillance camera system. 
  • Invest in security cameras is not an expense but an investment as it will significantly reduce the possibility of theft. 
  • Also, for the insurance company is likely to charge less and also will increase the productivity of your employees.


You can take control of your home, business or company 24 hours a day. We plan to measure the security system that best fits your needs and budget.

Only you can see the security cameras, or people that you assign with different passwords and levels of access to restricted areas. Really affordable prices, contact us
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