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Duplication of keys in New York

In our shop we have the widest variety of keys in New York City: residential, commercial, automotive, motorcycle, padlocks, elevators, mailbox, cabinets and more.

Note that we have the most modern machines in the best conditions to duplicate these keys, with a minimum range of error.

Within the different keys that we can duplicate the following should be highlighted: High security Keys as Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Best, Arrow, Sargent, Schlage Everest, Corbin Russwin, Loricentric, among others.

No matter how old is your lock, we have all kinds of keys available, such as skeleton keys and others. We also offer key cutting regular cars, as well as transponder car keys (Keys with computer chip).

As the technology of the keys duplication is going forward we are going attached to it. by providing us the code of your key or lock, we are able to enter this code into a sophisticated machine and reproduce a key without having the original with us. This technology is quite suitable for cases where you have lost the key to your file cabinet or any type of lock with the code on it.


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